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Dove Sweating tips and advice
Dove Sweating tips and advice

Sweating tips and advice

Explore below for sweating tips and products to help you to stay fresh and keep your underarms beautiful at the same time.

Sweating articles

Dove Underarms take center stage
6 times your underarms take center stage
Here are 6 times you need a reliable antiperspirant that cares as well as protects.
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Dove Bare arms bare legs?
Why bare arms are the new bare legs
Why should bare your beautiful underarms with pride
Dove Things for the gym
6 things you really need for the gym
Here’s our guide to your gym essentials
Dove Invisible confidence boosters exposed
Invisible confidence boosters: exposed
We expose the secret beauty products giving you confidence…
Dove How to apply deodorant
How to apply antiperspirant deodorant
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Sweating tips
6 poses you’ll need when you forget your deodorant

Now and again we all do it: leave the house and it’s not until we’re too far to turn back that we realize we forgot antiperspirant. Cue discreet poses throughout the day to hide our sweating and check we still smell fresh (and setting a reminder on our phone to throw a bottle of Dove Cool Essentials Dry Spray Antiperspirant in our bag when we get home – takes up barely any room, and we’ll never forget it again). You have to laugh, really, so why shouldn’t we laugh together? Here’s a few of our favorites – which ones do you use? 

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Dove 6 gym class thoughts
6 things that go through your head at that trendy gym class
Don’t let body hang-ups stop you from giving that gym class your all
Dove Avoid deodorant stains
How to avoid white antiperspirant deodorant stains
Goodbye to white marks on clothes, check out how to avoid deodorant marks…

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