Six tips for your best irritation-free shave

  • 1
    Exfoliate (gently)

    If you’re wondering how to shave without irritation, it’s all in the prep. If you shave, your underarms can suffer from ingrown hairs, clogged pores and irritation from your clothes. For an irritation-free shave, first use a gentle body scrub or buffer in a circular motion to remove any build-up. It will loosen ingrown hairs and dead skin cells to leave you with a smoother surface for hair removal. 

  • 2
    Don’t skip shaving cream

    It doesn’t matter if you prefer shaving cream, gel or foam – just don’t skip it. Products designed specifically for shaving help your razor glide over the skin, without any slip or friction. If you want to know how to shave without getting razor bumps, try and allow a few minutes for your skin to warm and soften in the water before applying your shaving cream, and cover the area thoroughly.

  • 3
    Keep your underarms moisturized

    When you use body moisturizer, how often do you apply it under your arms? Shaving underarms can cause irritation, sensitivity and razor bumps, so it’s important to keep your underarms moisturized and soothed. Try using a body moisturizer with gentle, nourishing ingredients and applying a small amount to your underarms after hair removal. Gently massage in until it’s fully absorbed.

  • 4
    Save hair removal for the evening

    One of our favorite underarm shaving tips is to save hair removal for your nighttime shower. It means you won’t have to immediately apply deodorant and dress, so there’s less chance of causing irritation on sensitive underarms. Plus, it will allow time for your body moisturizer to work while you sleep so you can wake up to soothed underarms, ready for your deodorant… 

  • 5
    Use a gentle, moisturizing deodorant

    A lot of people wonder what to do after shaving. If you’re concerned about applying deodorant after shaving, make sure you use a gentle deodorant that won’t cause irritation. Dove deodorants contain our signature ¼ moisturizers to care for underarms and leave them feeling soft and smooth. They are also free from alcohol — ideal for sensitive skin shaving. 

  • 6
    Wear loose clothing

    Wearing clothing that fits tightly under your arms can rub and irritate your skin, particularly if it’s freshly shaved. If you’re looking for what to do after shaving to reduce irritation, stick to loose clothing — at least on the days that you shave. If it’s a natural material like cotton, even better. It will let your skin breathe and your underarms recover. 

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