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Six reasons why you’ll love our Ultimate Dry Sprays

  • 1
    They feel ultra-dry from the get-go

    A deodorant that delivers dry, swoon-worthy skin instantly? Yes please. As soon as you apply our revolutionary dry spray, it gets to work by reducing underarm wetness, unwanted sweat and underarm friction, offering you all the benefits of antiperspirant (plus a clean feel like no other). We can’t think of a better way to start the day. Prepare to feel like the most confident version of you.

  • 2
    Hello, new moisturizing heroes

    As the antiperspirant deodorant works its magic, it delivers moisture in abundance. The range features a gentle trio of sunflower seed oil, calendula and vitamin E. Its nourishing oils are blended in a lightweight aerosol format, so they leave skin feeling comfortably dry and silky soft without drying out your skin. The result? A Triple Moisturizer Technology that boosts your skin’s moisture barrier, leaving your underarms with the long-lasting moisture they deserve.

  • 3
    Around-the-clock protection from sweat and odor

    We believe you shouldn’t have to worry about sweat and odor as you go about your day. For ultimate peace of mind, each antiperspirant deodorant has been formulated with 72-hour protection, using an integrated technology that creates a stronger barrier on the surface of your skin. Whether you’re out and about or having some ‘you’ time, this is your best self, bottled. 

  • 4
    They don’t irritate your underarms

    Do antiperspirants usually irritate your skin? Dove Ultimate Dry Sprays are dermatologically-tested to ensure they don’t irritate your underarms. So if you’re looking for a deodorant that’s kind-to-skin, you’ll love this range. Waving your arms in the air never felt so good.

  • 5
    Underarms that feel softer and smoother

    It’s time to adore your underarms – and that starts with how they feel. Here’s how to get smooth underarms: reach for a Dove Ultimate Dry Spray and use every morning. This is a caring formula, so expect softer, smooth underarms. The best part? When your underarms feel this incredible, so will you.

  • 6
    Four premium scents to try out

    Each dry spray boasts the most exquisite aromas. Indulge in Dove Ultimate Dry Spray Peony & Rose Water for a sweet burst of flowers or the Dove Ultimate Dry Spray Coconut & Sandalwood with its tropical blend. If you’re partial to a cozy and creamy scent, try Dove Ultimate Dry Spray Jasmine & Vanilla, while dewy grass and fresh rain enthusiasts should pick Dove Ultimate Dry Spray Cucumber Water & Mint.