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6 ways your Dove antiperspirant helps you raise your arms with confidence

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    They’re specially designed to help you live free from underarm inhibitions

    Our research shows that when women and girls don't feel good about their armpits, they're less likely to take part in social activities, hug friends or raise their hand in class. At Dove, we want women and girls to have the confidence to go about their day with no underarm worries. That's why we have infused our deodorants with a superior formula that provides reliable, long-lasting protection and our best underarm care yet.

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    They give you long-lasting deodorant protection

    Underarm freedom comes from knowing your deodorant has got your back. Our collection of antiperspirant deodorant sticks and sprays are designed to keep underarms fresh all day, so nothing gets in your way. They glide and spray on dry for an instantly fresh and clean feel, and keep sweat at bay for 48 hours. You can count on this effective underarm protection from Dove.

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    They deliver our best care with every application

    Let’s get down to the formula – it’s our most caring yet. So, every time you use one of our antiperspirant deodorants, it’s like giving your armpits their very own supreme skincare ritual. Our formula applies silky smooth, leaving your underarms feeling instantly comforted and healthy-looking from the first use. If you’ve been wondering “how can I have more confidence in my body?”, showing your body some extra TLC might just be the answer.

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    They’re full of nourishing ingredients

    Rich with our signature ¼ moisturizers, these antiperspirant deodorants are an indulgent treat for your skin, so you can feel confident they’re the right choice for you. Helping to maintain your skin’s natural moisture barrier, every Dove antiperspirant deodorant will leave you with softer, smoother underarms.

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    They all have a kind-to-skin formula

    Nothing beats the peace of mind that comes from using skincare staples you can trust. This collection is kind on skin and is made with delicate underarms in mind – perfect if you’re looking for a non-irritant deodorant. With every application, our moisturizing antiperspirant deodorants will soothe dryness to leave your underarm skin less vulnerable to shaving irritation.

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    There are so many scents to choose from…

    Our antiperspirant deodorants don’t just moisturize underarms, they give you unique benefits, too. Do you want an iconic Dove scent that’s fresh and revitalizing? Our Advanced Care Cucumber & Green Tea Antiperspirant Deodorant will be right up your alley. Or if you want to help visibly restore your skin’s natural tone, Dove Even Tone Antiperspirant Deodorant will be your perfect match. We’ve got something for everyone. 


    Explore the complete collection now and discover the confidence-boosting power of Dove underarm care.


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