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Self-Esteem Resources For Youth Groups

Self-Esteem Resources For Youth Groups

Body confidence helps young people pursue their goals. Use our confidence tips, activities, and discussion topics to help get young people talking about body image.

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It’s a huge problem—80% of girls are so concerned about their looks that they’re holding back from important life activities. They might be reluctant to try out for a team or fear giving their opinion, and 70% even feel too embarrassed to go to the doctor, putting their health at risk.

We know that, as a youth leader, you probably see young people with self-esteem issues. We also know you’re likely to be looking for ways to prevent low body confidence affecting the future of the young people you work with.

The Dove Self-Esteem Project offers world-class education resources, many proven to raise body confidence and self-esteem in young people. Just follow the links below to download our materials for youth leaders. 


The Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report. Commissioned by Dove, 2016.

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