Dove Men+care Summer self-care for men: 6 top tips

Underarm hair removal: A guide for summer

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    Trim before you shave

    Male underarm hair removal should always start with good preparation – and that means trimming underarm hair before you shave it. This can help prevent a clogged razor later on. And if you want to know how to prevent underarm razor burn, we also recommend checking your blades are sharp before you get started.

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    Shower to soften hair

    Having a warm shower before shaving can help ease coarse, wiry hair, making it easier for your razor to remove. The steam helps soften up hairs, while cleansing with a nourishing and hydrating formula like our Clean Comfort Body + Face Wash can help remove excess oils and sweat. It all results in a smoother, more comfortable ride.

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    Lather up with the right product

    After cleansing and rinsing, lathering your skin with a gentle shaving cream like our Hydrate + Shave Gel or Plant Powered Relaxing Eucalyptus + Cedar Oil Cleansing Bar helps hydrate hair while allowing a smooth glide from your razor. This is because shaving lather acts as a barrier between your blades and the top layer of your skin, helping prevent irritation and dryness.

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    Shave down + sideways

    The best way to remove underarm hair is to take your time and use long, smooth strokes. Male underarm hair grows in different directions, so shave sideways as well as down. Also, try pulling skin tight to create a flat surface for an even straighter shave. 

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    Rinse your razor between strokes

    This is something that’s often overlooked when it comes to men’s underarm hair removal. After each stroke, you might need to rinse away excess shaving foam and hair from your razor. Keeping your razor clean means it can glide over your skin more effectively. 

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    Don’t forget the aftercare

    How to remove body hair for men isn’t all about the shaving – it’s about the aftercare, too. For a solid post-shave routine, we recommend moisturizing with our fast-absorbing Refreshing Hand + Body Lotion. It’s infused with glycerin and leaves skin feeling instantly nourished. For protection from irritation caused by shaving – plus 48-hour protection from sweat and odor – follow it with our Clean Comfort Antiperspirant Dry Spray.

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