How to get rid of body odor with the right deodorant

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    Protect with antiperspirant.

    If you're wondering how to get rid of underarm odor, antiperspirant can be a lifesaver – it helps to minimize sweat and keep you feeling fresh. For the best antiperspirant deodorant, try to find a product with a long-lasting formula. Dove Dry Spray and Advanced Care Stick Antiperspirants deliver up to 48-hour odor and sweat protection – making them a great choice for some added confidence

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    Dry before you apply.

    After a steamy shower, it might be tempting to apply your deodorant straight away. Deodorants are most effective when applied to dry skin, so give your skin some time to breathe before you apply – it can make a lot of difference to the level of odor protection

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    Hair removal can help.

    If you’re looking to reduce body odor, hair removal can sometimes help. Hair removal is a personal choice – whether you choose to trim, shave or wax, it can help get rid of body odor as it makes it easy for your antiperspirant deodorant to reach your skin. Our antiperspirants effectively care and protect underarm skin regardless of whether you choose to remove your underarm hair or not

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    Let your skin breathe.

    Whether you’re a fan of a deodorant spray or stick, wearing the right clothes can make a real difference when it comes to sweat protection. Breathable, breezy fabrics like cotton can keep your skin cool and increase airflow to your underarms

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    Apply antiperspirant at night, too.

    To get the most out of your antiperspirant deodorant, apply at night too. Because you sweat less at night, it means your underarm skin has the best opportunity to entirely absorb the formula. Try our Advanced Care Beauty Finish Antiperspirant – it’ll help you wake up with beautifully fresh-smelling underarms courtesy of the deodorant for smell

  • 6
    Remember to refresh.

    This might be an obvious one, but make sure you remember to reapply your antiperspirant before doing anything that’s going to get you working up a sweat. Why not try our Go Fresh Dry Spray Cool Essentials Antiperspirant? With a portable 1oz can, it gives you a powerful spritz of sweat protection whenever you need it

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