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How to prevent sweat stains: 6 ways to save your clothes

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    Use Invisible Dry

    If you’re looking to reduce yellow stains on your clothes, our Dove Invisible Dry Spray Sheer Fresh Antiperspirant is a great choice. It goes on instantly dry and offers our best white mark protection too, as well as up to 48 hours of odor and wetness protection.

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    Apply deodorant in the right way

    Deodorant instructions are often overlooked, but here’s a little tip: applying deodorant or antiperspirant to dry skin makes it work better. Give yourself a minute or two after a shower to cool down and dry off. There’s no need to over-apply, either – our Dove formulas are so effective that a quick blast of spray (1 to 2 seconds) or two swipes of a stick is all your underarms need.

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    Try aluminum-free

    Wondering how to prevent pit stains on your clothes? If you’re OK with sweating a little, you could consider switching from a standard antiperspirant to a non staining deodorant. Our 0% aluminum deodorant sticks and sprays deliver 48-hour odor protection. They’re also less likely to create yellow stains, as aluminum mixed with sweat is usually what causes them.

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    Dress strategically

    Because those familiar yellow stains occur when our skin makes contact with fabric, introducing another layer to reduce skin contact can help protect our favorite items (for example, an undershirt under a T-shirt or a slip under a special dress). Going somewhere especially humid? Dress strategically in cool, breezy fabrics that avoid underarm contact altogether.

  • 5
    Do your laundry regularly

    Guilty of leaving clothes in the laundry basket for days? We’ve all done it, but because stains and odors occur in damp environments, throwing them in the wash ASAP is the best move. If you want to take care of your favorite gym leggings, wash clothes at a colder temperature. And avoid bleach – it makes yellow pit stains worse. Exposing white clothes to the sun can also help remove yellow stains.

  • 6
    Switch up your routine

    If you often feel hot and sweaty in the morning applying antiperspirant at night could be a smart move. During the night you tend to sweat less, which gives the product more time to get into your sweat glands before you sweat the product away. This means you don’t sweat as much the next day, reducing the chance of any yellow staining.