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Dove How our Ultimate range can help sensitive underarms

How our Ultimate range can help sensitive underarms

Struggling with sensitive underarms? Your underarm skin is delicate, and extra care can keep it feeling comfortable and looking its best. Our Ultimate Antiperspirant Deodorant delivers our best care ever. Keep reading to find out how this range can help care for your sensitive underarm skin and keep irritation at bay.

“Why are my underarms sensitive?” “How can I stop that uncomfortable itchy feeling?” Sound familiar? Shaving, sweat and friction can all cause underarm sensitivity, which leads to underarm irritation. Besides speaking to a dermatologist for professional advice, there are a few things you can do and change for yourself. Caring for sensitive skin means using everyday products that are specially formulated to be kind and gentle. Underarm skin irritation won’t stand a chance against a dedicated sensitive skin routine.

Our Ultimate antiperspirant range, made using a revolutionary water-based formula, is designed to deliver our best care ever. The water base allows hardworking, water-soluble ingredient glycerin to be included in the formula, which helps us provide our best level of skin care in an antiperspirant. This unique formula helps care for underarm skin irritation.

So, how does this breakthrough formula work to care for irritated underarms? The effective skin care ingredients in the formula protect against dryness and help strengthen your skin's barrier by boosting ceramide levels, which is good news if you experience underarm sensitivity. The stronger your skin, the less likely you are to have underarm skin irritation.

The care doesn’t stop there. When your skin is nourished and hydrated, it’s more resilient, less prone to irritation, and you’re less likely to experience underarm sensitivity. Enriched with 6x the humectant moisturizers* (*compared to our core range), the formula is clinically proven to provide longer-lasting moisturization so that your skin is left feeling nourished and soft after every use. This antiperspirant helps restore skin to its best condition in less than two weeks, making it ideal for sensitive underarm skin.

Now, let’s talk about underarm protection. With Dove Ultimate, you can enjoy 48-hour antiperspirant deodorant protection, and pick from a range of long-lasting scents that will keep you feeling fresh all day. Each scent is specially designed to leave you feeling and smelling fresh all day. Plus, the water-based formula is odorless, giving each individual fragrance the chance to shine through. This includes three hypoallergenic fragrances, which are specially made for sensitive underarm skin. All you have to do is pick your favorite scent.

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