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Dove Our top tips for dealing with excessive sweating

Our top tips for dealing with excessive sweating

Tackling excessive sweating to feel fresh every day

Everyone sweats. We all know that. Chances are we’ll all get a little hot and sticky from time to time. Whether it’s after exercise or just before that big interview – it’s completely normal. The fact is that some of us just sweat more than others in the course of our daily lives.

Whatever the cause might be, we all know the feeling – when you no longer feel fresh and you’re worried that the dampness might show through.

We know that insecurities about our underarms can stop us from feeling our best. But we believe that sweating problems shouldn’t hold us back – that’s why we’re here to help.

Know your triggers
People sweat differently – and there are so many reasons for it. Ageing can sometimes be a factor as your body can become more sensitive to heat as you get older. Sometimes, nerves get the better of us and our sweat glands kick in. A raised body temperature – perhaps due to hormones at certain times of the month could also be contributing, too.

Some food and drink can trigger excessive sweating. When it comes to how to reduce sweating, dishes that pack heat, both in temperature and spice, won't help if you're sweat-sensitive. Avoiding triggers like spicy food and alcohol could also be something to think about.

Another cause of heavy sweating is hyperhidrosis (also known as excessive sweating). This kind of sweating is not necessarily caused by heat or exercise. It’s very common and women are normally advised to see a medical professional to recommend the best hyperhidrosis treatment for them.

So, if you’re wondering how to sweat less, here are some easy things you can try:

Take extra care of your underarms
To reduce sweating, first, ensure your underarms are well cared for. One way to keep your skin feeling great is by staying hydrated: drinking lots of water can help you keep skin cleansed and keep your body temperature down, too.

For those of us who experience excessive sweating at night, you can help control it by applying your antiperspirant at bedtime, after a bath or shower. Make sure your underarms are completely dry – to help the formula work at its best.

Choose the right antiperspirant
A good antiperspirant can be a great help if you’re dealing with excessive sweating. While both deodorants and antiperspirants help protect you against odour, antiperspirant products temporarily block sweating to help reduce the amount you experience.

Dove Clinical Protection provides our best sweat protection formula – perfect for when you need a little extra support. It offers 48 hours of antiperspirant protection, so you can feel confident knowing that any excessive sweating is under control. But that’s not all. Its gentle, caring formula is alcohol-free (to help reduce skin irritation caused by things like shaving), and it also contains our ¼ moisturising cream to ensure your underarms stay soft.

Stay fresh and cool
There are some easy hacks to help with underarm confidence. Wearing natural fibres like linen and cotton is a good place to start – and it always feels reassuring to know that your clothes are freshly-washed. To feel relaxed and comfortable, choose some chic, loose-fitting tops in natural fibres – and opt for some bright colours or feel-good prints to add some ‘zing’ to your mood.

On hot days, mist-on water sprays that you can carry around in your bag are an easy way to cool down and hydrate. Some people make a point of picking the shady side of the street as they’re walking around, to stay as cool as possible.

And if in doubt – reapply Dove Clinical Protection. It’s light enough to carry with you and the perfect way to freshen up. Don’t sweat it.

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