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Baby Dove Tear-free baby bath

What’s the secret to a tear-free baby bathtime?

For many moms and dads, baby bath time is a moment to look forward to. But sometimes – and often for no obvious reason – babies and toddlers don't feel the same way.

“My son went through a phase where he hated the bath, refused to get in and would scream,” remembers Kimberly Day, Baby Dove scientist and a mom of two. “Explaining to him to put his head back to rinse the shampoo out of his hair was difficult because he didn't understand… avoiding tears was very stressful.” 

So what's the secret to a stress-free baby bathtime? Gentle baby products and mild baby shampoo that won't irritate your little one's delicate eyes will help, so look out for the words 'tear-free'. You'll find them on Baby Dove Rich Moisture Hypoallergenic Wash, Rich Moisture Hypoallergenic Shampoo, and on our Fragrance Free Moisture Hypoallergenic Wash too. It's our promise that they've been carefully formulated by our scientists (many of them parents themselves) and ophthalmologist-tested to ensure they're mild and won't irritate or sting your baby’s eyes. 

With our tear-free and hypoallergenic baby products, you can help keep babies' eyes and skin comfortable in the tub, and enjoy happier bathtimes. For an extra helping hand, here are a few more tips for avoiding tears in the tub:

  • Try a shampoo visor, curved rinsing jug or even swimming goggles to keep water out of your little one's eyes
  • Put a favorite picture on the ceiling above the baby bath tub to encourage them to look up at rinsing time, and keep an extra towel or dry flannel handy for dabbing wet eyes
  • If your baby gets cranky or over-tired in the evenings, try moving bathtime to a different time of day. Early morning or late afternoon might suit them better than just before bed
  • Add some bath toys and surprises to entice your toddler into the tub. How about water squirters, spray bottles, balloons, bath-crayons, glow sticks or bubbles to blow?

“Hair washing, especially for my 14-month-old, must be a game. She's big enough to roll any way she wants!” says Andy, dad to toddler Amelie. “We count one, two, three before we pour the water over her head. She also gets a big ‘well done!'”

As for Kimberly, she's seen a transformation in bathtimes with her son: “We're now at the point of fun with bubbles and toys in the bath.”

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