Our best tips for loving your underarms

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    Create your own routine.

    Most of us have our own beauty routines – but how often do we think about our underarms? Creating a routine can help you to care for your underarms in the best way possible. Whether you use a deodorant stick or spray – the best choice is whatever makes your skin feel the most comfortable

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    Give your underarms some love.

    The most important thing to remember? Care. Treat your underarms like the rest of your body and keep them beautifully nourished for some extra confidence. Our entire deodorant and antiperspirant range comes enriched with our unique ¼ moisturizers – which means they care for your skin each time you apply

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    Stay protected.

    When we’re enjoying ourselves or doing something we love, keeping our underarms dry shouldn’t be a concern. The best antiperspirant deodorant has long-lasting protection – like our Advanced Care Original Clean Stick Antiperspirant. With up to 48-hour sweat and odor defense, it’s an antiperspirant stick that gives you a little boost of confidence

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    Find a fragrance that you love.

    The right scent can leave you feeling fresh all day long – and feeling great about your underarms. Whether it’s a spray deodorant or a stick deodorant, our range has a whole host of fragrances to suit your every mood. Why not try our Original Clean Dry Spray Antiperspirant? With our signature scent, it gives you a subtle and delicate boost of freshness whenever you need it

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    Look at the positives.

    There’s always a positive side to the things we don’t like about ourselves. You might not like your underarms – but they can be a really expressive part of your body. From the joy of throwing your arms up as you dance to just raising them up as you go in for a hug – there’s always a reason to love our underarms

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