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Dove Stories

Dove Stories

Welcome to the home of real beauty. Explore below for more about our Campaign for Real Beauty, plus tips and tricks for everything from hair care to skin care.

Dove campaigns

How does #BeautyBias affect your life? We team up with Broadly to ask just that.
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Dove Self-Esteem Project
Dove Self-Esteem Project
At Dove, we have a vision of a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. Our mission is to ensure the next generation grow up enjoying a positive relationship with the way they look – helping girls to raise their self-esteem and realise their full potential.
Dove My Beauty My Say
My Beauty My Say
Discover more about the My Beauty My Say campaign
Dove The CROWN Act
The CROWN Act: Working to eradicate race-based discrimination
Find out about the CROWN Act and how Dove is working to eradicate racial discrimination.
Feeling Good: Celebrating Black Natural Hair
We’ve joined Verve Records and the Estate of Nina Simone to create the first-ever music video for the legendary musician and activist’s hit “Feeling Good”.
Read more Feeling Good: Celebrating Black Natural Hair
Dove Patches
Dove Patches
Beauty is a state of mind. Check out the latest Dove advert - Dove: Patches to discover a beauty experiment with a difference...
Dove Real Beauty Sketches
Dove Real Beauty Sketches
If someone asked you to describe yourself, what would you say?
Dove Ad Makeover
Dove Ad Makeover
How would our beauty confidence be housed if all those feel-bad body ads gave us compliments instead?
Dove Inner Critic
Find out why women can be their own worst critic…
Read more Dove Inner Critic
Find out how spending an hour with a young person can boost her self-esteem for a lifetime.
Dove Social media and body image
Toxic Beauty Standards in Social Media: The stats
1 in 2 girls say toxic beauty advice on social media causes low self-esteem. Here’s everything you need to know about toxic beauty standards online.
Dove Pride
Dove stands with the LGBTQIA+ community
Find out how we’re supporting the LGBTQIA+ community.
#DetoxYourFeed with Gabrielle Union and Zaya Wade
Actor and activist Gabrielle Union and daughter, activist Zaya Wade, join the Dove Self-Esteem Project to discuss toxic beauty advice on social and #DetoxYourFeed
Read more #DetoxYourFeed with Gabrielle Union and Zaya Wade
Dove How to #DetoxYourFeed
Calling Role Models to Take Action #DetoxYourFeed
Join us, #DetoxYourFeed from toxic beauty standards, and make social media a space of positivity.
Dove Believes In Body Love
Make Every Body Care Moment Count With Dove Hand & Body Lotion Body Love Collection
New Dove Body Lotion Collection Combine Care For Your Skin With Self-Care For You.
Dove body talk
Steven Universe: Social media
Episode 5 shows how body image and social media are connected.
Steven Universe: Body talk
Read more Steven Universe: Body talk
Steven Universe: Body functionality
Dove Media and celebrities
Steven Universe: Media and celebrities
Episode 3 talks about how media and celebrity culture can affect self-esteem.
Dove Competing and comparing looks
Steven Universe: Competing and comparing looks
Episode 2 helps explain how not to compare yourself to others.
Steven Universe: Teasing and bullying
This episode shows why you shouldn’t bully and teaches young people how they can stand up against bullying.
Read more Steven Universe: Teasing and bullying
Dove Steven Universe
Dove, Cartoon Network and Steven Universe
Find out more about our partnership with Steven Universe.
Dove x Progressive Hair Assurance teaser image
Dove x Progressive Hair Assurance
Register, redeem, or learn more about Hair Assurance.

Tips & how to

What Does Smooth Skin Mean To You?
From a gentle body exfoliator to a deeper skin polish – find the exfoliating body scrub that’s right for you
Read more What Does Smooth Skin Mean To You?
An introduction to skin microbiome from Dove
What is skin microbiome, and how can you care for it? We’ve got the info.
A guide to home composting
For a helping hand with home composting, read our easy-to-follow compost guide, created with Conservation International to help you live more sustainably.
6 reasons why you’ll love our hand sanitizer gel
Wave goodbye to dry hands: discover 6 reasons why you’ll love our hand sanitizer gel
5 hand sanitizer myths: debunked
Read our hand hygiene myths, and how our nourishing formulas debunk them all.
Washing and bathing tips
Waxing tips: Your before-and-after wax care guide

We put ourselves through so much to get the soft, smooth skin we want (shaving, waxing, scrubbing, exfoliating… the list goes on). As popular as it is, waxing needs forward-planning – but the results can be worth it. And adding the right before and after wax care into your routine means you can keep your skin feeling smoother for longer. Whether you’re a waxing pro or a beginner, here are our waxing tips to help you get the softest, smoothest skin.

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The perks of washing in the morning or a shower before bed
We love both morning and evening showers, here's why
Should you exfoliate before or after shaving?
Got questions about your shaving routine? This is the article for you.
Essential products for skin cleansing
Want to know how to keep your skin healthy, glowing and beautiful?

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