A day in the life: going aluminum-free

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    Morning is the perfect time to apply a stick deodorant as part of your daily skin care routine. Let it dry fully before getting dressed – it’ll be more effective. Aluminum-free deodorant is just as effective at keeping odor at bay, so if you’re going aluminum-free, you can get on with your day without worrying.

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    After the gym

    Morning gym-goer? Nice work. Our aluminum-free spray deodorant is perfect to pack in your gym bag for a quick freshen-up. It’s the ultimate test – does aluminum-free deodorant work even after a sweaty session? Dove 0% Aluminum Go Fresh Deodorant is designed as a long-lasting deodorant to protect you from odor – even on a gym day. 

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    On your lunch break

    Lunchtime is when even long-lasting deodorant can feel like it needs re-applying. When you make the switch to aluminum free, there might be a detox period while the aluminum wears off. Keep our 0% Aluminum Go Fresh deodorant spray to hand for peace of mind – once your body fully adjusts, you’ll get all the benefits of the long-lasting odor protection. 

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    The commute test

    So how does aluminum-free deodorant work? It allows you to sweat, while protecting you from odor. And there’s nothing like rush hour to test it out. You might just end up feeling cooler and smelling fresh. 

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    Evenings out

    Wondering when to apply deodorant if you’re going out? If you’re having a quick shower, make sure you dry your underarms fully before applying deodorant. It won’t be as effective on wet skin, so even if you’re in a rush, take the time to dry off properly. 

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    Before bed

    As for when to apply deodorant, it comes down to personal preference. You might have heard about applying deodorant before going to bed, and it’s true that we often sweat during the night – you might choose to keep odor neutralised while you sleep. Dove 0% Aluminum Deodorant is an effective deodorant without aluminum, so it’s ideal for keeping odor under control if underarm wetness isn’t a concern. If you prefer a nighttime shower, give it a go. Sweet dreams.

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