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Should you switch? The benefits of aluminum-free deodorant

Caring for your underarms starts with using a deodorant that puts your skin health first. And an aluminum-free formula – like Dove 0% Aluminum Antiperspirant Deodorant – gives your underarms gentle care without compromising on odor protection. So why switch to aluminum-free deodorant? We’ve answered your questions on all things aluminum. 

The benefits of aluminum-free deodorant

The good news is, aluminum-free deodorant provides odor protection that’s just as good as formulas that contain aluminum. If you’re looking to neutralise body odor and sweating isn’t a concern, aluminum-free deodorant will be just what you need. But does aluminum free deodorant prevent sweating? No, but unless underarm wetness is a big concern, your natural cool-down might do the job. 

As for other aluminum-free deodorant benefits, kissing goodbye to irritated underarms can be a big plus. And the good news is that deodorant with an aluminum-free formula can still keep you feeling fresh, with long-lasting odor protection. Dove 0% Aluminum Antiperspirant Deodorant is designed to give you lasting freshness with a caring formula that will leave you with soft, smooth underarms. 

Determined to keep dry? That’s okay, too. Dove understands that the decisions we make about our bodies are deeply personal. Whether you prefer to stick to antiperspirant to make the switch to an aluminum-free formula, you’ll still get the gentle skin care you deserve. All Dove deodorants and antiperspirants provide moisturizing care for your delicate underarms, as well as long-lasting protection from odor. 


Now you’re armed with all the facts, you can weigh up the effects of aluminum in deodorant and decide if making the switch is right for your body. Remember, whichever kind of deodorant you choose, you can rely on Dove for all the gentle care and protection you deserve.

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