Turn your underarm care into a ritual you’ll love

How to turn your underarm care into a ritual you’ll love

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    Gently cleanse

    First things first. Choose a gentle body wash to cleanse and care for skin. Your underarm area is delicate, so we’d recommend one with a formula you can trust to be kind. To amp up the self-care, try Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash – you can’t beat a classic.  

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    Shave (or not)

    To shave or not to shave – that is the question. And the answer is: do whatever you feel comfortable with. If you so choose to make hair removal a part of our underarm skin care, make sure you replace your razor blade regularly and create a caring post-shave routine.

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    Speaking of your post-shave routine (or any kind of underarm care routine)… this next step is one of our favorite self-care rituals. Exfoliating isn’t just for our faces, arms and legs. So, if you’re wondering how to get smooth underarms, your underarms can benefit from a gentle buff now and again, too.

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    Keep sweat and odor at bay

    We’ve got your underarm care and protection covered. Your antiperspirant shouldn’t just keep you smelling good, it should keep you feeling dry, confident and ready to take on the day. Our Nourishing Secrets Antiperspirant Deodorants keep you protected from sweat and odor for 48 hours.

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    We care for skin on the rest of our bodies – but why don’t we indulge our underarms with the same level of care? Our Nourishing Secrets Antiperspirant Deodorants make taking care of underarms easy. Made with our signature ¼ moisturizers, these deodorants nourish your skin, leaving it soft and comfortable.

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    Choose a scent to suit your mood

    Self-care and skin care go hand in hand, but the best rituals speak to your senses, too. With fragrances made from ethically-sourced ingredients, our Nourishing Secrets Antiperspirants whisk you away with aromatic scents. Fancy adding a dose of calming scent to your busy morning? Choose Calming Ritual. In the mood to pamper yourself? Make yours an Indulging Ritual. Or, if you wake up on a different side of the bed every morning, try them all. Our Nourishing Secrets range has everything you need to turn your underarm care into a ritual that works for you.