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Dove Why your skin will love this water-based antiperspirant

Why your skin will love this water-based antiperspirant

Have you heard about the benefits of a water-based antiperspirant deodorant? Your underarm skin is delicate and deserves the best kind of care to keep it looking and feeling beautiful. That’s where our Ultimate range comes in. Read on to find out more about the range and how to get smooth underarms.

First things first, why do we use water-based ingredients in our Ultimate range? It’s simple really. The water base has allowed us to use glycerin in an antiperspirant for the first time. In case you didn’t know, glycerin is a hardworking, hydrating and water-soluble skin care ingredient, and it helps us provide our best level of skin care in an antiperspirant deodorant. Our Ultimate formula also includes 6x the humectant moisturizers (compared to our core ranges), which are clinically proven to provide skin moisturization that lasts longer vs. regular deodorants. Plus, the effective skin care ingredients in this antiperspirant deodorant protect against dryness, help soothe irritation, and strengthen skin’s barrier by boosting ceramide levels.

So, what are the benefits for your underarm skin? The water-based formula with glycerin works to restore your skin to its best condition. Thanks to hydrating glycerin, moisturizing underarms is easy and your skin will feel hydrated and cared for. This easy-to-apply, smooth glide antiperspirant deodorant gives up to 48-hour protection against sweat and odor. Our most caring antiperspirant deodorant range keeps you protected from the moment you apply.

And when it comes to how your underarms look and feel? Our Ultimate range helps restore skin to its best condition in less than 2 weeks. The ultra-moisturizing antiperspirant has a water-based formula, and will leave your skin feeling cared for and hydrated. The water-based formula is also odorless, meaning the premium scents can shine through, giving you fresher fragrances that leave you smelling beautiful all day. Is your skin on the sensitive side? There are three hypoallergenic fragrances to pick from for gentle care. Your underarms will never feel so cared for.

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