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Dove Ultimate dry scent

Find the perfect Ultimate Dry Spray scent for you

Dove Ultimate Dry Sprays are raising the deodorant game. With Triple Moisturizer Technology that delivers ultra-smooth underarms, plus 72-hour protection from sweat and odor, these deodorants will leave you feeling fresh and confident all day. Wondering how to find your signature scent? Choose one that matches your personality, lifestyle and sensory preferences, like a sweet scent for standing out or a floral deodorant for nature lovers. Let’s line up your new statement deodorants…

Peony & Rose

Floral fans, rejoice. Dove Ultimate Dry Spray Peony & Rose Water is formulated to emulate  the sweet scent of walking through a flower garden. Inhale delicate hints of rose petals, pink peony and magnolia, accompanied by lychee and bergamot – the perfect pick-me-up formula. You’ll also notice amber and musk, which beautifully warms the senses, leaving you feeling uplifted. This floral scent is charming and sophisticated, so choose it for a hint of everyday luxury – just what you need for that added sense of sparkle.


Coconut & Sandalwood

Activate vacation mode with Dove Ultimate Dry Spray Coconut & Sandalwood. The mix of creamy coconut and warm sandalwood comforts and calms, while the zingy lemon and lime are as refreshing as the sea air on your skin. Don’t just reserve this deodorant scent for summer – it’s the perfect seasonal all-rounder. Tropical scent fans needn’t look anywhere else for a deodorant for fresh smelling underarms . 


Cucumber Water & Mint

Dove Ultimate Dry Spray Cucumber Water & Mint resets and recharges you for the day ahead. Embrace the fresh scent of cucumber water, mint and orange that mingles with nutmeg and fig tree leaves. It smells just like walking into a serene spa, so prepare to channel your inner calm as you apply this. Bonus – it’ll leave your underarms feeling like they’ve been pampered too, as the antiperspirant dry spray is actually formulated with  hydrating skin care ingredients. 


Jasmine & Vanilla

For a deeply grounding aroma, look no further than Dove Ultimate Dry Spray Jasmine & Vanilla. The vanilla, musk and jasmine mix are as comforting as wearing a snuggly cashmere sweater. Then there are subtle notes of  blossom, peach and rose water that add a fun, feminine touch. The overall smell? Silky, peaceful and pretty; perfect if you want a deodorant scent that matches your perfume. Whether you’re at a glamorous event or lounging on the couch, this antiperspirant dry spray is your feel-good fix. 

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