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Hand Wash

Hand Wash

We make the everyday act of hand washing become an act of care.

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We don’t count the number of times a day we wash our hands, but if we did, we’d probably be surprised how often we’re at the sink!

Which is why we developed a hand wash that gives hands the care they deserve. Our gentle cleansers effectively wash away oil on your skin’s surface, with a rich, foaming lather that nourishes and cares for your skin with every wash.

When it comes to keeping hands clean, Dove Beauty Bars and Body Wash - also work as well as Dove Foaming Hand wash to wash away  dirt and germs while  being gentle on your skin.


Turn handwashing into an enjoyable step in your routine. You might even find yourself sneaking off to do it again and again…

Browse all our best hand washes, along with our favorite tips, tricks and advice below.

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