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Dove Men+Care Morning routine

4 morning routine ideas every man needs to know

Want to know how to feel energized in the morning? From switching up your shower routine, to caring for your mind and the people you love, try these four morning routine ideas to kick-start your day.

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    Exercise to lift your mood + energy

    When men think of how to boost energy levels in the morning, waking up early for a workout is rarely at the top of the list, but research suggests it’s great for helping boost your mood and energy levels.

    If you’re making exercise part of your morning routine, eat one hour before your workout (with a focus on carbs for fuel), and an hour or two after (with protein for recovery and some more carbs to re-energize).


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    Energize your morning shower routine

    If you’re not a ‘morning person’, an energizing shower and skin care routine is a great way to wake up and start the day. 

    First, lather up with our Awaken Turmeric + Ginger Root Face + Body Wash. It also has a vibrant, invigorating ginger scent that helps energize your skin and your senses.

    Next, rinse, towel dry and apply our Stimulating Cedarwood + Tonka Beans Antiperspirant Dry Spray or Stick. They have a woody, warm and refreshing cedarwood and tonka bean scent that stimulates your senses. Infused with a plant-based moisturizer with 48-hour sweat and odor protection, so you feel fresh and ready for the day.

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    Squeeze meditation into your morning

    One of our top tips for a productive morning is meditating before a busy day, so you can de-stress and focus your energy on the things that matter. Whether you’re at home or on your commute, read our guide to learn how to find 5-10 minutes of mindfulness every morning.

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    Spend time with the people you love

    Morning routines for men should include spending time with the people closest to you. When men practice a variety of self-care activities every day – including exercise, caring for their skin, reading, meditating and communicating with others – they feel 2.2x more balance in their lives and 1.6x more satisfied in themselves.*

    So, hug your loved ones, check in and communicate. Because there’s nothing more energizing than the confidence caring for yourself and others brings.

    Now you’ve read our morning routine tips, discover how to improve your evening routine for better sleep.

    *Gupta, T., & Hook, C. (2021). Care Leads to Care: How Caring for Ourselves Helps Us Better Care for Others. Promundo-US.

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