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Dove When you forget deodorant

6 poses you’ll need when you forget your deodorant

Now and again we all do it: leave the house and it’s not until we’re too far to turn back that we realize we forgot antiperspirant. Cue discreet poses throughout the day to hide our sweating and check we still smell fresh (and setting a reminder on our phone to throw a bottle of Dove Cool Essentials Dry Spray Antiperspirant in our bag when we get home – takes up barely any room, and we’ll never forget it again). You have to laugh, really, so why shouldn’t we laugh together? Here’s a few of our favorites – which ones do you use? 

  • 1

    The Bus Handle Grab.

    No, no, I won’t sit down. I will hold the overhead pole instead.’ So you’ve left the house and you’ve realised your mistake. Your first opportunity to assess the situation? Once you get on the bus, abstain from the rush to get the last free seat and head to grab the overhead handles instead

  • 2

    The Drop 'n' Sniff.

    Oh, look, I’ve dropped something…’ A classic. All it takes is a dropped pencil or folder and a surreptitious head-turn as you rise up again, and no one is any the wiser

  • 3

    The Stretch.

    The perfect disguise for a smell-check. Probably best around 4pm, when the mid-afternoon slump hits the office and everyone else is doing it, too. Plus nestling your head into your shoulder is a legitimate stretching technique so you’re completely covered

  • 4

    The Head Burrow.

    ‘Oh, I’m so tired, let me rest my head on my shoulder for a second.’ Best to do this near home-time when any onlookers will understand that the urge to sleep is growing strong and not wonder what on earth you’re doing

  • 5

    The Hair Makeover Fake-out.

    ‘Wow, I’m hot… I have to put my hair up.’ This is a great one for any setting – just deciding to readjust your ponytail or pile your hair up while angling your chin down… 

  • 6

    The Coat Swing Around.

    The final check – putting our coat on. OK, so you have to be a bit more elaborate about it, but let’s face it, your colleagues will be used to that by the end of the day…

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