Dove Ending body size discrimination

Supporting the movement to end body size discrimination

Everyone deserves care, love and respect – at every size – yet body size discrimination is legal in 48 US states. We’ve joined forces with National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) and Fat Legal, Advocacy, Rights and Education Project (FLARE) Project to strengthen legal protection against body size discrimination and shift cultural conversations around a broader definition of beauty through education, advocacy and social responsibility. Join us to make body size discrimination illegal in the US.

Dove Body size discrimination

Our research: Body size discrimination

Body size discrimination has a devastating impact on body confidence, and all areas of life. 90% of women living in larger bodies and 88% of girls aged 10-17 have experienced body size discrimination.

Dove Body size discrimination

Our expert partner: NAAFA

We’ve joined forces with the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) against body size discrimination. Read their research on fat bias and the lack of fat liberation news in the media.

Dove Body size discrimination

FLARE Project Fellowship

We’re funding a first-of-its-kind legal fellowship to support the Campaign for Size Freedom’s work to expand legal protections for people living in larger bodies. Read more about the fellow, Ragen Chastain, at FLARE Project’s website. 

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