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School Workshops On Body Image: Confident Me

School Workshops On Body Image: Confident Me

We believe every young person should grow up feeling confident about their looks. That’s why we’ve developed Confident Me, a set of evidence-informed resources for teachers & educators aimed at 11- to 14-year-olds. 

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Aligned to promote adolescent body confidence, the free downloadable tools are designed to allow teachers & educators to run body confidence workshops. The workshops allow teachers, educators, and students to explore the impact that image ideals portrayed in the media have on young people’s self-esteem. 

Low body confidence and self-esteem affect young people’s learning. Anxiety about appearance has been linked to poorer concentration and less engagement in the classroom, resulting in worse academic performance. Globally, 8 out of 10 girls admit to opting out of important everyday activities, such as engaging with friends or loved ones, because of concern about their looks.

There are single- and five-lesson tools designed to adapt to your time frame. Both tools have been proven to make a positive impact on improving body confidence.  The workshops explore how society and professional and social media promote an unrealistic “ideal” body, and teach strategies to protect and build self-confidence in oneself and others.


The Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report. Commissioned by Dove, 2016.

Reframing Beauty – Unlocking the Potential of Young Girls. Commissioned by Dove, 2014.

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