Fragrance and mood: how to match them

Fragrance and mood: how to match them

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    I want to feel …. pampered

    Comforting scents are what you’ve been searching for. They remind us of cozy nights in, sweet home-baked treats and offer a sense of reassurement. Infused with a warm vanilla and creamy cocoa butter scent, you can count on our Indulging Ritual Antiperspirant to treat your skin and your senses. WIth notes of peony, hibiscus and sandalwood too, it’s just the thing to add a touch of indulgence to your routine. Want to carry on the care? Who said pampering was just for the PM? We’re all about those moments morning, noon and night. Try squeezing in a quick face mask or your favorite self-care activity before you start your day.   

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    I want to feel… relaxed

    We don’t blame you. There’s a reason relaxing scents like lavender have been used in aromatherapy for centuries. Known for its dreamy, de-stressing properties, it’s become a staple in our self-care routines. With an aromatic, relaxing lavender and jasmine scent, plus notes of patchouli and musk, our Nourishing Secrets Soothing Ritual Antiperspirant leaves you feeling restored and relaxed. To make your morning ritual even more soothing, try taking 5 minutes to tune into your breathing and prepare for the day ahead. 

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    I want to feel… zen

    Let us introduce you to fresh, floral scents. Sparkling and citrusy, woody and well-balanced, our Calming Ritual Antiperspirant has a sophisticated waterlily and sakura blossom scent. With a hint of white tea, too, It’s perfect for starting the day on the right note. Try squeezing in some stretches when you wake up, apply your antiperspirant and kick start your morning feeling calm and confident. Or, if you still can’t decide on your new ritual – give them all a go and mix up your mornings with the mood enhancing scents of Dove Nourishing Secrets.

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