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Dove Men+Care Men’s grooming tips

Men’s grooming tips

Looking for simple, straightforward solutions to male grooming? Give skin the care it deserves with Dove Men+Care products and advice.

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Establishing an effective male grooming routine is simple – with the right products and techniques, you can leave the house feeling good every morning.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate, either. The addition of an invigorating shower gel that hydrates your skin as it cleanses and a deodorant that’s tough on sweat (but not on skin) can be all it takes for you to take your routine to the next, most effective level.

Explore Dove Men+Care grooming products and take advantage of the advice below.

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Men’s Grooming Articles

How to get the most out of your deodorant after shaving
See how to make the most of your deodorant after shaving
A guide to underarm hair removal
See tips on how to shave your underarms and underarm hair removal
Men’s body wash and beyond
Make the most of your shower
How to clean skin and avoid dryness
Learn how to clean skin without leaving it dry
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Skin care for men
Keep skin looking its best with skin care for men advice
Hair care tips for men
The key to nailing hair care for men? Choosing products that work with your hair. Read on to discover the secrets of men’s hair care
How to stop shaving rash
Looking for the best shave yet? Check out our tips on how to stop shaving rash, and start every morning off with smooth, soft skin…
Anti-dandruff shampoo for men
Suffering from dandruff? The best dandruff shampoo for men keeps those white flakes at bay…
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Sensitive Skincare for Men
Looking for advice and shaving tips for men with sensitive skin?
Men’s shaving tips
Follow our steps simple steps for a fail-safe shaving regime
How to shave a beard
Six common grooming questions are answered here.
Building a grooming regimen
A men’s grooming routine doesn’t have to be complicated.
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What are adaptogens? Your guide to de-stressing your senses
Learn adaptogen benefits and how they infuse our new face and body washes.
Why you should try our Ultimate water-based deodorant
Find out why this revolutionary water-based deodorant is a must-have.
Your 101 guide to bio-mimetic hair care – Dove Men+Care
What does ‘bio-mimetic’ mean and why is it so good for your hair? Read this guide to learn why every man needs RE+AL Bio-Mimetic care in their grooming routine.
Dull, uneven skin? Follow our 3-step daily skin care routine
Guys: If your skin is uneven, dry, dull, rough or flaky, follow our simple, three-step daily skin care routine. It’ll look healthy and hydrated in no time.
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The ultimate plant-based shower routine – Dove Men+Care
Want to start a simple plant-based shower routine? Just follow these three steps with these plant-powered cleansers and bio-mimetic hair care essentials.
How to use our refillable deodorant in 6 easy steps
Read our simple 6-step guide to learn how our refillable deodorant works.
How to get thicker hair
Get the look of thicker, stronger hair with Dove Men+Care
How to get better sleep: 6 life hacks you need to know
Learn how to de-stress before bed and help improve sleep quality.
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Find the right deodorant scent for you
Woody, fresh or warm? Find your deodorant fragrance in our Ultimate range.
3 men tell us what causes sensitive skin on their underarms
Discover how our Dove Men+Care Ultimate range can help underarm irritation.
What’s the best cleansing bar for my grooming routine?
Not sure which one of our plant-powered skin-cleansing bars is best for you and your lifestyle? Read our quick guide below. And get ready to transform your daily grooming routine.
Your guide to aluminum-free deodorant
Read our guide on why (and how) to choose deodorant without aluminum.
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A guide to styling using men’s hair products
How to use styling products for men
6 meditation tips for men with busy lifestyles
Learn how to find time to meditate, no matter how busy your day gets.
5 tips to enhance your grooming routine
We all have different skin types, so you need to pick the right men’s grooming products to care for it. Here are five tips to enhance your grooming routine.
5 reasons to use refillable deodorant
Learn how our refills help you start the journey to reduce plastic waste.
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5 benefits of moisturizing for men – Dove Men+Care
Not sure how to moisturize skin or why you should do it daily? Learn five benefits of moisturizing for men – and how it helps you care for more than your skin.
4 benefits of RE+AL Bio-Mimetic care – Dove Men+Care
RE+AL Bio-Mimetic care doesn’t just help you protect and nourish your hair. Discover four reasons why it helps men care for their locks (and so much more).
The Dad Gang: Championing Black fatherhood
The Dad Gang are on a mission to change the way the world falsely views Black fatherhood. Discover how they’re defying stereotypes and helping all dads care.
Stereotypes about men we must challenge
Learn how to challenge stereotypes and be positive male role models.
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Guys: Pick the right male grooming products for your skin
Here’s our quick guide to skin care for men, whatever your skin type is.
4 NCAA® legends on the power of care
Read what NCAA® March Madness® legends David Robinson, Shane Battier and Seth Davis wrote about basketball fans and their power to uplift the players.
Start every day energized: 3 essential morning routine tips
Kickstart your day with our simple but effective self-care ideas for men.
Meditation for men: Your 5-step guide
Try this simple five-step exercise to make mindfulness and meditation a daily practise. Caring for yourself and the people you love has never been easier.
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Glen Henry: The power of Black fatherhood
Glen Henry (aka Beleaf in Fatherhood) is a role model for thousands. Discover Glen’s experience of Black fatherhood and his essential advice for every dad.
The role of a father: Explained by dads
The role of a father has evolved over generations, but we still have a lot of work to do. Here’s what 8 dads learnt from their fathers about the power of care.
Parental leave for fathers: 6 benefits
From supporting your partner to being a more confident caregiver, here are six dad and science-backed reasons why parental leave for fathers is so important.
Paternity leave advice from real dads
Paternity leave for fathers isn’t a right for every dad, so you might be wondering what to expect. Here’s some advice for first time dads, from dads.
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#DadsCare Hub: Our guide to fatherhood
Our #DadsCare Hub has all the tips and how-to videos you need on how to be a good father. Created by dads for dads, this is fathers helping fathers at its best.
Download Dads (They Care A Lot)
Looking for free books for dads with an inspirational message? We collaborated with Keith Negley to write a bedtime story that teaches us all the power of care.
DADS: Our modern fatherhood documentary
We’re proud to partner with Imagine Documentaries on DADS – a powerful movie abouts dads from Bryce Dallas Howard and her own father, producer Ron Howard.
How we’re championing paternity leave
Find out how we’re championing paternity leave, and why it’s needed
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‘Care Leads to Care’
Read stats and tips from our survey. When men care, society benefits.
What to do on paternity leave: 6 tips
What should a new dad expect? One of the best ways to prep for paternity leave is to listen to the men who’ve been there. Here’s what six dads want you to know.
5 steps to ask for paid paternity leave
Inspired by Josh Levs’ book, All In, here are five steps to asking for paternity leave, so you can care for your little ones every step of the way.
Support for fathers + shared parenting
We’re on a mission to help men unlock the power of care and be present, active dads for their families. Discover our top shared parenting and fatherhood tips.
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Join the fight for racial equity
Learn how you can help us fight false stereotypes and take action for racial equity with our celebrate Black dads campaign and other pledges and initiatives.
Our commitment to C.A.R.E. (Care about Racial Equity)
Find out how we’re committed to ending negative stereotypes towards Black men
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