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Dove Ingredient Transparency

Ingredient transparency

Putting care into everything we do is important: from championing a positive experience of beauty for all women, to maintaining high ethical standards in how we do business.

The same principle applies when we're choosing hair and skin care ingredients for our beauty products. Whether you want to know about safety for the environment or how they provide you with the nourishing results you love, we strive to be transparent when it comes to our ingredients.

In a ground-breaking move, in 2017 our parent company Unilever launched the transparency initiative. This gives people access to information that goes beyond regulatory requirements, voluntarily disclosing product ingredients and including fragrance down to 0.01% of the product formulation. You can find out more by visiting the Unilever website here.

In Europe, the ‘What’s in our Products’ section of our parent company Unilever’s website includes more information on how we develop safe products, with explanations of ingredients and answers to common questions. Users can look up individual products and find out more about the ingredients used, what they do, and why they’re in the product. We also have an easy online search tool to help people with fragrance allergies find the best products.

In the USA, information is available through SmartLabel™, a digital platform that makes it easy to find more information about ingredients in most of our products. We're also updating packaging labels in the USA to voluntarily list fragrance allergens according to European Union labelling regulations — again, going above and beyond the industry standards.

Transparency in fragrance allergens

We recognize that a selection of ingredients used in fragrances have the potential to cause skin allergies in some individuals, we therefore disclose fragrance ingredients on our labels for transparency and to help you make informed choices. We also offer ranges of lightly scented or fragrance-free products for people who prefer unscented or fragrance-free products.

We use only the highest-quality fragrance ingredients that meet global standards set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). We also have our own set of fragrance standards, which are stricter than the industry global standards. On top of this, we only use a very small amount of each fragrance ingredient – you might not think it, but the fragrance in total typically makes up 1.5% or much less of the overall product formulation. Plus, each fragrance is a mixture of literally dozens of ingredients, so the amount of any one ingredient in any product is very small.

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