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Explore our tips and products to help you to stay fresh and keep your underarms beautiful at the same time.

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Sweating tips
How to Care for Your Delicate Underarms

Our underarms are often a neglected part of our body. While we carefully choose our shampoo, body wash, and facial care products, we tend to just pick the first deodorant we see on the supermarket shelf. We complacently believe that as long as our underarms don’t smell, the deal is sealed. Unfortunately, we are forgetting that they need and deserve more than that because our underarms are very delicate compared to other skin on the body, and its warm and moist environment makes it a breeding ground for bacteria.

Therefore, you need to start treating this delicate area with more care to keep it healthy and looking its best. After all, dealing with irritation and redness can be challenging. Here are some helpful tips.

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Sweating tips
How to apply deodorant

Most of us enjoy a bit of deodorant to keep us fresh and smelling good throughout the day, right? Right. Once you’ve decided that, it’s on to the far more tricky choice of which type of deodorant you use. There are just so many. Well, OK, mainly three. But whatever your preference, there’s a trick to each of them. So once you’ve decided whether you’re a spray, roll-on or stick girl, check out our tips on how to apply deodorant below… 

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