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Dove How to treat damaged hair

How to treat damaged hair

We all suffer from damaged hair every now and then. Coloured, straightened, chemically treated, teased... it goes through a lot, so it’s no wonder it can sometimes be left crying out for some love. Bring damaged hair back to its healthy-looking self with our guide to ultimate hair repair.

  • 1

    Fortify coloured hair.

    Colouring can weaken hair. Now obviously we couldn’t swear off experimenting so make up for it with a shampoo designed for coloured hair to provide it with nourishment and help your colour stay vibrant for longer

  • 2

    Turn to treatments.

    Brittle hair needs to be fortified to make it strong and healthy-looking again. Try Dove Intense Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner, which with regular use, progressively nourishes deep inside the hair strands 

  • 3

    Turn to oils.

    Hair oils are perfect for taming frizz and keeping our locks looking sleek and glossy – even on humid days. We’ve harnessed the power of oils in Dove Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner to leave hair silky

  • 4

    Sun screen.

    Your skin isn’t the only thing that needs protecting from the sun. A hairspray with a protective UV filter will help shield it from damage, as well as keeping the sun from tampering with coloured hair

  • 5

    Nourish hair back to life.

    For extremely damaged hair, use deep conditioning treatments at least twice a week until your hair is on the mend to help keep it strong and resistant to breakage

  • 6

    Beat the heat.

    As for thermal styling – always spritz a heat protection spray over hair first to help protect it from the stress of your tongs, hairdryer, rollers or straighteners

Try Dove Botanical Silicone Free Shampoo for Damaged Hair Restore. With 100% botanical oil and Pink Moroccan Rose extract, it can nourish hair and restore dry and damaged hair. 

Use it with Dove Botanical Hair Conditioner for Damaged Hair Restore to leave your strands lightweight and smooth. 


For your nourishing shampoo for dry hair, you can go for the best all natural shampoo or natural based shampoo. There are also natural organic hair shampoo to choose from.