How to treat damaged hair

How to treat damaged hair

  • 1
    Fortify coloured hair.

    Colouring can weaken hair. Now obviously we couldn’t swear off experimenting so make up for it with a shampoo designed for coloured hair to provide it with nourishment and help your colour stay vibrant for longer

  • 2
    Turn to treatments.

    Brittle hair needs to be fortified to make it strong and healthy-looking again. Try Dove Intense Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner, which with regular use, progressively nourishes deep inside the hair strands 

  • 3
    Turn to oils.

    Hair oils are perfect for taming frizz and keeping our locks looking sleek and glossy – even on humid days. We’ve harnessed the power of oils in Dove Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner to leave hair silky

  • 4
    Sun screen.

    Your skin isn’t the only thing that needs protecting from the sun. A hairspray with a protective UV filter will help shield it from damage, as well as keeping the sun from tampering with coloured hair

  • 5
    Nourish hair back to life.

    For extremely damaged hair, use deep conditioning treatments at least twice a week until your hair is on the mend to help keep it strong and resistant to breakage

  • 6
    Beat the heat.

    As for thermal styling – always spritz a heat protection spray over hair first to help protect it from the stress of your tongs, hairdryer, rollers or straighteners

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