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Help make every girl a #ConfidentGirl

Help make every girl a #ConfidentGirl

Over half of young girls worldwide don’t feel confident about the way they look – so we know that when they say ‘I’m fine’, it might not always be true. Through the Dove Self Esteem Project, we want young people to learn how to be confident, inside and out.

This year we are partnering with Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe to co-create six short animated films designed to educate kids on body confidence and self-esteem.

Download our resources now and spend an hour with a young person in your life.  

What does "I'm fine" mean?

Sometimes, "I'm fine" doesn't tell the whole story. Whether a young person in your life is facing pressure from social media or negative body image issues, let's help her speak her mind. Discover the real stories behind ‘I’m fine’.

Dove Self Esteem Project and Cartoon Network

What we watch has a big impact on how we feel, especially when we’re young. That’s why we’ve partnered with Cartoon Network to help the next generation grow up confident through their favourite show, Steven Universe.

Our latest episode: Body functionality

Dove Our latest episode: Body functionality
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