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Dove How to apply deodorant

How to apply deodorant

Most of us enjoy a bit of deodorant to keep us fresh and smelling good throughout the day, right? Right. Once you’ve decided that, it’s on to the far more tricky choice of which type of deodorant you use. There are just so many. Well, OK, mainly three. But whatever your preference, there’s a trick to each of them. So once you’ve decided whether you’re a spray, roll-on or stick girl, check out our tips on how to apply deodorant below… 

  • 1

    Shake it.

    Using an aerosol/spray like our Powder Soft Antiperspirant? Give it a good hard shake first to make sure all the ingredients are mixed together before you spray it

  • 2

    The right distance.

    For perfect aerosol application, there’s a golden distance for spritzing – you should hold the can approximately 15cm from your underarm as you spray it (that’s about halfway between your underarm and your elbow)

  • 3

    A short, sharp spray.

    With an aerosol you can determine how much deodorant to apply with the length of your sprays. Our advice? No need to spray until you’re hidden in a cloud – two seconds on each underarm will do the job, which is essentially a short, sharp spray

  • 4

    Roll with it.

    With roll-on deodorant, the clue’s in the name: simply roll your deodorant – like Dove Pure Roll-on – over each underarm a couple of times so you get good, even coverage

  • 5

    Sweep on your stick.

    If a stick is your weapon of choice, our Go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea Antiperspirant Stick is a great choice. Twist the base of the stick to dispense the product, and sweep two-to-three strokes over each underarm

  • 6

    Avoid white marks.

    Leave as much time between applying your deodorant and getting dressed as you can – finding white deodorant marks on your little black dress when it’s too late to change is not an enjoyable experience

Make sure to use underarm moisturizer  or armpit moisturizer to help your deodorant care for your skin. A scented moisturizer for underarms is also a good choice.