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  • Mum and daughter hugging
    Family, friends & relationships
    Articles and activities to help parents communicate with children & offer support with friendship problems, sibling relationships and body image
  • Mum, dad and daughter playing video games
    Respecting & looking after yourself
    Articles, activities & relationship advice for parents to help their teenage child overcome low self-esteem & build body confidence during the stages of puberty
  • Dealing with teasing and bullying around appearance
    Dealing with teasing and bullying around appearance
    Informacje dotyczące zastraszania i różnych jego rodzajów, w tym nękania w szkole i w sieci, przyczyny nękania i sposoby przeciwdziałania.
  • Media culture and teens
    Media & celebrities
    Advice for parents on how the media, advertising and celebrity role models influence young people's body image and self-confidence
  • Building self-esteem
    Building self-esteem
    Discover how appearance affects self-esteem, and help your teenager deal with the effects of social media, peer pressure, media ideals, fat talk, and more

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Family, friends & relationships Teasing & bullying Respecting & looking after yourself Media & celebrities Talking about appearance

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