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Advice for parents and mentors

Expert resources for parents and mentors to help raise young people's self-esteem

The evidenced-based resources on this site have been specifically designed to encourage young people to develop and maintain a healthy body image during the transition to adulthood.

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In a world that constantly tells young people how they should look and has a narrow definition of 'beautiful', how can we help them value their unique beauty and stay true to themselves?

Working with experts from the fields of psychology, health and media, the Dove Self-Esteem Project has developed a range of resources – including videos, activities, case studies and professional advice – to help guide parents and teenagers.

As well as helping you understand how your daughter or son is feeling, our materials will help you counter the negative influence of the media and bullying on young people's body image.

Research shows that spending just 30 minutes engaging with the resources on this site will empower you to boost the self-esteem and mood of the young person you love – and improve your own body image, too. So what are you waiting for?

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Our topics
  • Mum and daughter hugging
    Family, friends & relationships
    Articles and activities to help parents communicate with children & offer support with friendship problems, sibling relationships and body image
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    6 articles
  • Mum, dad and daughter playing video games
    Respecting & looking after yourself
    Articles, activities & relationship advice for parents to help their teenage child overcome low self-esteem & build body confidence during the stages of puberty
    In this section
    6 articles
  • Mum and daughter chatting
    Teasing & bullying
    Information on bullying and different types of bullying, such as bullying in school & cyberbullying, including why bullies bully and how to help stop bullying
    In this section
    7 articles
    1 resources
  • Media culture and teens
    Media & celebrities
    Advice for parents on how the media, advertising and celebrity role models influence young people's body image and self-confidence
    In this section
    6 articles
  • Boosting self-esteem
    Talking about appearance
    Discover how appearance affects self-esteem, and help your teenager deal with the effects of social media, peer pressure, media ideals, fat talk, and more
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    7 articles
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