Dove Baby bathing

Baby bathing

When it comes to how to bathe a baby, there’s no right or wrong way: every mom has her own ritual. Baby Dove products are here to add to the joy of your time together while caring for baby’s skin

The best baby bathing products should help both you and baby enjoy those special moments together. Hypoallergenic and nourishing, we created the Baby Dove range of baby bathing products to make bathtime a caring time, leaving your baby’s skin soft, smooth and healthy.

Suitable enough even for bathing newborns, all Baby Dove products are mild baby wash products that are ophthalmologist, dermatologist and pediatrician-tested so you can trust them to take care of baby’s delicate skin. 

Mild and hypoallergenic, Baby Dove bathing products gently care for baby’s delicate skin from top to bottom, so you can enjoy those special bathtime moments knowing that their skin is getting the care it needs. 

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