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Dove Men+Care Skin care

Skin care for men

Taking care of the things that matter to you is important. And that includes your skin. With the right skin care for men and some clever techniques, you can give your face the care it deserves.

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    The most important rule of skin care is to keep skin moisturised. Choose one that’ll keep your face feeling hydrated all day, like Dove Men+Care Hydrate+ Moisturiser 

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    Exfoliating clears away dead skin and keeps it smooth. Substitute your face wash for a face scrub like Dove Men+Care Deep Clean+ Face Scrub once a week

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    When shaving, preparation is key to keeping skin protected and healthy. Shower prior to shaving – the steam will dampen hair, making it weaker – or try a pre-shave oil 

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    To avoid shaving rash, post-shave balm is essential. Look for one that reduces redness, rehydrates your skin and offers instant relief from any sensitivity

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    Don’t neglect your body.

    The best skin care products for men feature hydrating benefits at every step. Look for a body wash that’ll keep skin hydrated all over, like Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Body and Face Wash 

  • 6

    Tool up.

    To tackle rough skin on your body use a shower tool to help exfoliate away dead skin cells