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Dove Get smooth underarms

Why Underarm Care is Important

During our teen years, we didn’t care much about our underarms. We used regular soap to wash it and picked the deodorant that we could easily reach on the shelf of the supermarket. Then, our underarms started to get darker and dark marks began to appear. Only then did we realize why underarm care is important–that maitim na kili kili and putok kilikili are not ideal.

There are many reasons why we should keep a good underarm care regimen and find the ‘Underarm Holy Grail’. So, we’re sharing our best-kept beauty secrets below to convince you to give your underarms the TLC it deserves.

  • 1

    Underarm skin is delicate

    Our underarms are very delicate compared to other skin on the body. Its warm and sweaty environment makes it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that causes bad odour. It can also experience friction especially when we wear tight clothing. In short, our underarms are faced with challenges every day, and it’s our job to care for it.

  • 2

    It’s not a concealed body part

    Underarms may not be exposed, but they are not concealed either. Whether it’s wearing sleeveless tops in the summer or casually moving around, our underarms show. We don’t want to flaunt dark and bumpy underarms, do we? Surely, we can keep them discreet, but don’t we just want to be free and move without inhibitions

  • 3

    Underarm lightening and brightening procedures are expensive

    With technology advancements and research, underarm lightening and brightening procedures such as laser treatments are already possible. However, these are expensive. The saying that goes ‘prevention is better than cure’ has never been more important.

  • 4

    There are products that want to care for our underarms

    Dove believes that every woman’s underarm deserves all the care. Dove’s Dry Serum Intensive Renew Deodorant provides your underarms with our best care that renews underarm skin up to 20 layers deep (within skin surface). This is a multi-awarded Holy Grail product that contains skincare goodies to deliver breakthrough benefits. Raved about by consumers and influencers alike, Dove Deo Dry Serum comes in 3 variants for different underarm skin needs: Dove Deodorant Dry Serum with Collagen + Vit B3 for underarm dark marks, Dove Deodorant Dry Serum with Collagen + Vit E for minimizing pores, and Dove Deodorant Dry Serum with Collagen + Omega 6 for smoothening and firming.It’s time to level up yourunderarm skincare routine with the new and advanced dry serum formulation to give your underarms Dove’s best kind of care.