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What Hair Removal Methods Do to Your Underarms and How to Repair Them

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    Chicken skin

    Do you notice those tiny bumps where your underarm hair grows? These are often referred to as chicken skin.

    When you pluck or wax, you remove the underarm hair at its root, and this can induce damage deeper in the skin. One of the manifestations of the damage can be bumps that are more popularly known as chicken skin.

    To prevent this kind of damage, one solution is a good post-hair removal care for your underarms. The skin needs to restore its moisture levels to be able to function well and improve its barrier repair. You can do this by applying a product with skin care ingredients to help moisturize and soothe the skin. Dove deodorants provide the care that your underarms deserve, the kind of care your underarm needs after every pluck or wax. 

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    Razor burn

    Did you know that shaving can cause razor burns or those small red patches of inflamed skin? It could be your dull razor or shaving method that’s a little bit too aggressive. Whatever it may be, it can be uncomfortable and may hurt when you move around.

    Aside from using a brand new, sharp razor, reducing the pressure when shaving helps a lot because friction causes the burn. Let your razor glide slowly over your skin, then, move to another area next. Try to avoid repeating strokes because this reduces lubrication, which can lead to irritation. Post-shaving care is also equally important, and yes, a deodorant like Dove can help prevent further irritation because it has ¼ moisturizing cream that’s gentle on your underarms. 

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    Underarm dark marks

    Underarm dark marks are a recurring concern among women. Every time you shave, pluck, or wax, your skin can get damaged. Your skin reacts by producing a pigment called melanin, which manifests as dark spots or marks on the underarm skin surface.

    One solution to prevent this is by using a product that helps correct dark marks. Dove Ultimate Repair has Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) so you can enjoy visibly even-toned underarms with regular use. This can also be a remedy for underarm chicken skin because with Dove Deodorants, you can bare softer, smoother underarms all year round.