How to care for dry cracked skin

Tips for Soft Skin

  • 1
    Nourish dry skin.

    We’ve all experienced the huge relief that a dollop of hand cream can bring when our skin is feeling dried out and rough, so finding the best hand cream for cracked hands can make an immediate difference to your comfort. Look for products that contain nutrients to help restore dry skin

  • 2
    Relieve skin with a spa treat.

    You might find soaking hands and feet in tepid water mixed with a few drops of natural oil – like almond oil – for five minutes could help to soothe your skin. Plus, it makes a luxurious DIY spa treatment

  • 3
    Try warm water.

    If your skin’s feeling dried out, it’s important to avoid very hot water when you wash. It can strip away your skin’s natural oils, which will only add to the problem, so stick to water that’s comfortably warm but not too hot

  • 4
    Pat skin dry.

    Follow up your soak by patting skin down gently with a towel (avoid rubbing – you don’t want to aggravate your skin further) and then smoothing on a rich moisturiser. For ultimate nourishment, our skin loves the fatty acids contained in omega oil

  • 5
    Protect hands.

    Defence is the best form of attack: if you’re prone to dry hands, use rubber gloves while doing the washing up to avoid irritation caused by your cleaning products or hot water

  • 6
    Get enough water.

    Make sure you’re drinking enough. Dehydration won’t help matters, so make sure you’re constantly refilling that water glass to keep your body and skin hydrated

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