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Dove Stop shaving rash

How to stop shaving rash

Delicate underarm skin can sometimes react after shaving, causing a bumpy or sensitive armpit rash. Luckily, a few steps should get them back to beautiful, so you can bare them with confidence.

  • 1

    Shower before shaving

    To help minimise the damage done by shaving, make sure you spend a good few minutes under the shower first – or thoroughly dampen the area with a warm, wet flannel. Water softens and raises the hair, making it easier to shave without catching the skin

  • 2

    Shave in the right direction

    Always try to shave in the direction of hair growth – i.e. stroking the razor from the root to the tip of the hair. This causes less disturbance to the skin, so you’re less likely to provoke a shaving rash

  • 3

    Try a non-irritant deodorant

    Luckily, most armpit rashes are not serious. You may simply feel that the skin under your arms isn’t as comfortable or as soft as it should be. In that case, try using a non-irritant deodorant that’s specifically designed to be mild on skin, like Dove Pure Roll On.

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    Look for antiperspirants that soothe skin

    The right soothing product can help your armpits recover quickly after shaving. Dove Original Roll On is a trusted classic that contains ¼ moisturising cream formula, for a softer, gentle sensation

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    Protect against ingrown hairs

    Deodorant is also a great tool against inflamed ingrown hairs. Not only does it soothe skin and keep you fresh, but the active ingredients in deodorant kill bacteria, too, eradicating any germs in the area so infections can’t take hold. Clever

  • 6

    If it gets worse, seek advice

    If your rash is severe, painful or getting worse, see your GP. Many rashes are harmless, but some can be symptoms of conditions like psoriasis, which may need medical advice. If you’re worried, it’s always best to speak to a doctor and check that everything is OK.