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Dove Compress your holiday packing

How to compress your holiday packing

Holiday packing can be boring, stressful and near impossible – but it’s the challenge we all have to face before we get to the fun part. Unfortunately, travelling light and keeping your suitcase at a manageable weight can be difficult when you just can’t resist taking five pairs of shoes (we’ve all been there). Try these practical tips to compress your packing, and remove the stress that goes along with it.

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    Be tough.

    Look at each item in your suitcase and ask yourself whether it’s worth carrying all the way to Amsterdam/New York/Thailand. If it’s a dress that makes you feel your fabulous best, it’s a must-have. But if it’s a just-in-case pair of killer heels that make your feet ache, liberate yourself by leaving them behind

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    Any beauty product that comes in a smaller size is your friend when you’re packing – but equally, you don’t want to run out of any product halfway through the trip. Dove Compressed Original Antiperspirant Deodorant offers an ingenious solution – it contains as much deodorant as the traditional 150ml aerosol, but compressed into a can that’s half the size. Try Dove Compressed Go Fresh Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena Antiperspirant

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    Be prepared.

    Don’t pack for every possible eventuality – simply prepare for the most likely events. If you randomly decide to try horse-riding, you can buy or hire what you need locally. Travelling light means you can concentrate on having the best possible time, without any extra luggage weighing you down 

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    Be prepared.

    Packing should be all about what’s going to make you feel good. If you have a beloved T-shirt that makes you feel great, you can wear it over and over on holiday by doing a little laundry (it only takes a hotel bathroom and a bit of detergent). A handful of your favourite feel-good outfits is worth more than a new look for every day  

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    Don't go off piste.

    Make a holiday packing list of what you need and stick to it. All too often we’ve gone into a panic and found ourselves stuffing extra garments into the suitcase at the last minute

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    Roll with it.

    One final tip – roll your clothes instead of folding them. It uses less space in your suitcase and creates fewer wrinkles. Genius