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Dove How to get smooth skin

How to Get Smooth, Soft Skin

When it comes to skin care, soft, smooth skin is the dream. The good news? This is a dream we can make a reality – all we have to do is make sure we’re targeting it with the right kind of care. Give it the moisture it needs (both inside and out), daily attention and care to keep it happy, and above all, use products that nourish and indulge it, and it’ll be on its way to being beautifully soft, smooth and glowing. So how do you do that? Just check out our tips below for smooth skin home remedies.

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    Soft, smooth, and glowing skin is built on good foundations, which means exfoliating! A scrub or an exfoliating mitt will help you buff away all the debris and dead skin cells, to help you ward off rough patches and keep your body glowing and radiant.

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    The ultimate path to smooth skin is moisturising. For beautifully hydrated skin you need a deeply nourishing moisturiser, like our DermaSpa Goodness3 Body Lotion. Combining clever Cell-Moisturisers™ - to replenish and protect the skin barrier to keep it soft, luminous and moisturised deep* down, with the pampering richness and scent of a spa product - it'll leave skin feeling beautiful and you feeling indulged

    *Within stratum corneum

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    Look for nourishing products.

    Look out for skin-smoothing ingredients in your products like nourishing oils and butters, which help to protect your skin and seal in moisture

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    Don’t forget your hands.

    All too often we don’t moisturise our hands till it’s too late, so make hand cream a part of your daily routine. Leave our DermaSpa Goodness3 Hand Cream by your bed and work it in every night before you go to sleep – it’ll leave your skin velvety smooth

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    Stick to warm water.

    There’s nothing like a hot shower to help take the day off, but it’s not so good for your skin. High temperatures can melt away your skin’s protective lipid layer, which helps your skin retain water and stay soft and smooth, so stick to warm water in your shower and you might notice a difference…

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    Protect your skin from the weather.

    Tailoring your products to the season will help prevent the weather from having too much of an effect on your skin. When harsh weather hits, switch your body lotion to an intensive, rich moisturiser like our DermaSpa Goodness3 Body Cream, which will keep away dry, rough skin caused by the cold weather and lack of humidity in the air.

See? You can easily get beautiful skin with our glowing skin tips and glowing skin remedies.