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how to care for delicate underarms

How to Care for Your Delicate Underarms

Our underarms are often a neglected part of our body. While we carefully choose our shampoo, body wash, and facial care products, we tend to just pick the first deodorant we see on the supermarket shelf. We complacently believe that as long as our underarms don’t smell, the deal is sealed. Unfortunately, we are forgetting that they need and deserve more than that because our underarms are very delicate compared to other skin on the body, and its warm and moist environment makes it a breeding ground for bacteria.

Therefore, you need to start treating this delicate area with more care to keep it healthy and looking its best. After all, dealing with irritation and redness can be challenging. Here are some helpful tips.

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    Be mindful when shaving

    As part of personal hygiene, we shave our underarms with a razor. When we shave our underarms, 1/3 of what we remove is skin, which can cause irritation. So after shaving, make sure to give your underarms post-shave care by simply patting it dry with a soft towel and applying a gentle deodorant to moisturize the area. Dove deodorants have ¼ moisturizing cream that nourish and help protect your underarms from developing bumps and razor burns. 

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    Avoid tight clothing

    It may not have occurred to you, but wearing tight clothing causes friction, which can cause irritation and lead to darkening of your underarms. Stick to clothes that are not too tight to allow the circulation of air that helps your underarms breathe. 

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    Maintain proper hygiene

    There’s no way to emphasize this enough. But cleanliness is always important to underarm care. Though they are not exposed parts, their warm and sweaty environment makes them a good breeding place for bacteria that cause bad odor. 

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    Use a deodorant that cares and nourishes your delicate underarms 

    Switch to care with Dove deodorants. Keep your underarms nourished and cared for with Dove Deodorants like the Dove Original Stick that contains ¼ moisturizing cream. Dove Original Deodorant Stick keeps your underarms nourished for a fresh feeling from day 1 of application. It also provides post-hair removal care. Dove gives you care with every shave, pluck, or wax.

When dealing with delicate underarms, we just have to give it the tender, loving care it deserves, and Dove Deodorants easily does the trick. Because at the end of the day, all we want is to feel free to flaunt our underarms without worry.