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Dove Tips & how to

Tips & how to

From the best way to treat dry hair to advice on how to apply deodorant, explore our tips and tricks below.

Tips & How to

The cleansing benefits of shea butter
Discover how cleansing with shea butter benefits your skin in so many ways
What Keratin Conditioners Can Do for You
We think hair conditioners are all the same--that they use the same ingredients and formulation but just come in different bottles.
Tips and Shampoos to Help Treat Damaged Hair
Each shampoo nourishes damaged hair from the core to the surface for extra soft and smooth hair.
The 5 Commandments of Underarm Care
Flaunt it, girl!
Discover more The 5 Commandments of Underarm Care
Say Goodbye to Underarm Dark Marks
We’re here to help find the best ways to help repair your underarm skin.
The 5 Commandments of Flawless Underarms
Flaunt it, girl!
How to stop sweating & care for underarms
Click here to see our tips to reduce sweating
How to prevent armpit smells and care for underarms
Check out our page on how to prevent armpit odour
Discover more How to prevent armpit smells and care for underarms
How to Care for Your Delicate Underarms
Dealing with irritation and redness can be challenging. Here are some helpful tips.
6 ways your deodorant is just like your BFF
Click here to see the hidden benefits of deodorant
How to stop shaving rash
See our 6 tips to stop shaving rash
Why bare arms are the new bare legs
Why should bare your beautiful underarms with pride
Discover more Why bare arms are the new bare legs
How to find your scent for the season
Discover our tips on choosing a scent for each season here
6 times your underarms take center stage
Here are 6 times you need a reliable antiperspirant that cares as well as protects.
The 6-part hair-care checklist
What should you have in your hair-care kit? Here are 6 essentials you need
How to treat dry hair
Looking for ways to get your hair back to it’s soft, smooth self?
Discover more How to treat dry hair
How to treat damaged hair
Is your hair not looking its best? Read our tips for treating damaged hair.
How to keep hair beautiful
Don’t choose between caring for your hair and achieving a style you love
The Best Damage Shampoo and Conditioner Picks from Dove
How to keep your cool under pressure
Our guide to dealing with nerves, underarm sweating and more
Discover more How to keep your cool under pressure
How to compress your holiday packing
Follow our guide to holiday packing to make the most of your trip
6 things you really need for the gym
Here’s our guide to your gym essentials
How to care for dry cracked skin
Get some relief with our tips and tricks on caring for cracked skin…
How to protect hair against heat damage
Discover how to repair heat damaged hair
Discover more How to protect hair against heat damage
How to manage thin hair
If you’re craving incredible body, we’ll share the styling know-how to get you there.
How to care for coloured hair
Keep coloured hair looking vibrant and beautiful with our tips
How to care for ageing hair
Check out our page on caring for mature hair
Invisible confidence boosters: exposed
We expose the secret beauty products giving you confidence…
Discover more Invisible confidence boosters: exposed
How to wear a strapless dress with confidence
Read our tips on how to wear one with confidence and look fabulous
How to choose the best scented deodorant for YOU
Six things to remember when choosing between Dove deodorant scents…
How to avoid white deodorant stains
Goodbye to white marks on clothes, check out how to avoid deodorant marks…
How to apply deodorant
Looking for tips on how to apply deodorant?
Discover more How to apply deodorant
6 things that go through your head at that trendy gym class
Don’t let body hang-ups stop you from giving that gym class your all
6 poses you’ll need when you forget your deodorant
What poses do you make when you forget your deodorant?
6 tactics to get underarms you love
Here are our real women’s tips for getting past your body insecurities
Summer beauty tips
Visit our summer beauty tips page and that summer glow will be yours…
Discover more Summer beauty tips
Self-tan lotions and moisturisers
Want to know the secret of keeping your summer glow all-year round?
How to treat dry skin
Read on for advice on dry skin remedies and care
How to pick new beauty products
Want to know what you should be looking for in new beauty products? Here are our six essentials…
How to get the spa experience at home
Want to indulge in a spa experience at home? Here are six tips on the spa products and the rituals to get you there
Discover more How to get the spa experience at home
How to get glowing skin
Read on for essential skin care advice, and learn how to have healthy clear skin every day
How to care for mature skin
Keep mature skin looking its beautiful best with our tips on how to care for ageing skin
How to bag the best moisturiser
Click here to browse our best moisturiser for dry or oily skin
Here's how you can feel really beautiful every day
Perfection doesn’t equate to beauty. So forget all your insecurities, lady.
Discover more Here's how you can feel really beautiful every day
Beauty tips and tricks
Indulge yourself with our best beauty secrets
4 Biggest concerns for people with sensitive skin
There’s so much to consider when you have sensitive skin.
How to wash hair properly
Six tips to enhance your daily hair care routine
Recreate the pampering power of a bath in your shower
Want to recreate the pampering experience of a bath in a relaxing shower?
Discover more Recreate the pampering power of a bath in your shower
Love scented body wash? Here’s 6 reasons why we do too
Looking for a world where beautiful fragrance meets nourishment?
6 ways to tweak your routine for smooth and silky hair
Wondering how to get smooth hair with a shiny finish?