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My Hair My Say

My Hair, My Say: Pinays Share Their Stories of How They Embraced Their Hair

Many of us want to try different hairstyles and hair colors as a symbol of self-expression. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon to hear comments from people about how we should style our hair based on their preconceived notions. It’s frustrating when people want to have a say when we should be the only one to have a say on our hair because, after all, it’s an extension of our identity. 

Because Dove believes that everyone should have the freedom to style their hair as as they like, we are bringing to you these Pinays who are breaking the standards of beauty by saying, ‘My Hair, My Say’. 

Read on and be empowered by their stories of freedom and self-love.

1. Singer Maysh Baay

Maysh hair is purple, and it’s been a part of her self-expression--her signature look. Ever since she started her career in music, she has already colored her hair. As expected, not everyone approved of it at the beginning. But since it’s the entertainment industry, she had more freedom. However, in her life in the corporate world, Maysh gets different reactions. Thankfully, this hasn’t fazed her, and she believes that she has many identities that need to be expressed. And her hair is one of the channels through which she expresses these identities.

2. Singer-songwriter duo Leanne and Naara

Many people love the music of this duo. But more than being musicians, Leanne and Naara inspire every Filipina to express themselves through their hairstyles and hair colors. They have always loved having different looks, which they believe is one of the ways they can express themselves outside of music. They want to empower women by making them believe that when it comes to your hair, you’re the boss.

3.  Singer, songwriter, visual artist Reese Lansangan

Reese always sees her hair as an extension of her expression. She used to experiment with her hair color even when she was still in college, coloring her hair anywhere from fiery red and neon green to rainbow streaks and lola gray.

As Reese grows as an artist, she is now showing more of her naturally dark tresses and is thankful to Dove for letting her communicate her inner transformation through her hair. While she misses coloring her hair, her choice of color now is not as bright as that of her younger years. But that doesn’t mean she is now boxed up by stereotypes. It only is a “subtle nod to the past and an embrace to the future”.

Show the world your own version of beautiful hair and join KZ Tandingan in her song, “My Hair, My Say” that speaks about refusing to be dictated by stereotypes. You’ll love its uplifting melody and lyrics that will inspire you to be free to be you. Join the other Filipinas and share your story and help make this song more inspiring and empowering. 


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