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Rebecca & Giada
Rebecca & Giada

Rebecca & Giada

Dove is encouraging women everywhere to help boost a girl’s self-esteem by spending an #HourWithHer. Rebecca Sugar, illustrator and creator of Cartoon Network’s acclaimed Steven Universe, pursued her own body image journey through her work. By creating a colorful cast of characters that take on important themes like self-esteem, body image, and diversity, Rebecca’s show shares fun and relatable ways for kids to feel heard and see their differences celebrated.

As an Emmy® nominated creator, Rebecca wants to help young girls use their imagination to form positive images for themselves. She sat down with Giada, an 11-year-old aspiring illustrator who’s using creativity as a way to develop her confidence and unique beauty. In their inspiring #HourWithHer, Rebecca shared her journey and helped Giada use her imagination to define beauty for herself.


Meet G-Wiz

Rebecca and Giada worked together to bring a new self-esteem superhero to life. G-Wiz has the power to create empathy in bullies. With her magical pencil, she sketches the inner beauty of others so they can see it, too.

Rebecca & Giada

Spend an #HourWithHer

Behind the Scenes

Rebecca and Giada worked together on G-Wiz at Cartoon Network Studios.


A World of Confidence

Discover more ways to help boost the self-esteem of girls everywhere.


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