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Parents and mental health

When anyone in our lives brings baby home for the first time, our first question to new parents is always, “how is the baby?!” But, how often do we ask parents how they are actually doing?    

This World Mental Health Day, let's check up on the parents in our lives, as well as the little ones.

On Thursday October 10th, we’ll be joining the rest of the world in raising awareness for mental health, but specifically the wellbeing of moms and dads everywhere. We know that becoming a parent brings moments of incredible joy and happiness, but it can also bring feelings of loneliness, guilt, anxiety and even depression. So, this Mental Health Day, let’s leave the baby talk for another time and ask the parents how they are really feeling. It’s simple – let’s all call, text, or talk to a new parent and ask about them, to show we all care for the whole family.

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Visit Mental Health Foundation online for information on the day and mental health support 

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