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Jessica Clifton: Taking The First Steps To Reducing Plastic Waste

So you want to reduce your single-use plastic, but you don’t know where to start. I get it! I will never forget when I decided to start reducing waste and then realized plastic was interwoven in every routine I had. It can be overwhelming, but learning to live more sustainably can also be fun.

I decided to start in one room and over time, replace the wasteful products I used with more sustainable options. It was one small decision at a time, but then months later, I realized how much waste I was saving. The first room I started in was the bathroom. So here are some simple steps you can take to reduce plastic waste in your beauty routine.

  • Use up what you have and donate what you don’t use

I can’t get into talking about reducing waste in your life without addressing the products you already own. If you have products you are using in your bathroom right now that don’t meet your eco standards, let me remind you that one of the most sustainable things you can do is use what you already have. Use up old products, and the products you don’t use anymore, give to a friend or donate.

  • Try refillable products

Refillable products are an AMAZING concept to me. I love the business model of getting one container for a product, and then using that same container over and over again. This not only reduces plastic waste, but reduces the pressure on production to make new plastic – so it’s saving even more than you think.

Dove How to use less plastic

One product I love is the Dove Body Wash Reusable Bottle & Concentrate Refill. The container is reusable and the refill concentrates are made from 100% recycled plastic that can be recycled again. Once you’ve finished two body wash concentrate refills with the aluminum bottle, or four with the more affordable 100% recycled plastic bottle, you’ll start using 50% less plastic with every refill compared to using a standard Dove body wash.

The concentrate bottles are designed to click onto the reusable bottles for a simple refill process. I have always loved Dove body wash, so I’m excited about this new option while still getting the same Dove care I know and love. Plus, it comes in three scents: Daily Moisture, Cucumber and Shea & Warm Vanilla. It’s a win-win all around!

  • Use reusable makeup wipes

We use a makeup wipe once, and then we throw it away for it to take hundreds of years to biodegrade because – yes – makeup wipes contain plastic. I have been using reusable cotton rounds for years, and I haven’t missed disposable wipes once. There are plenty on the market to buy, but you can also make your own out of old t-shirts.

  • Try a bar of soap for other needs besides body wash

Bars of soap are such a simple way to reduce plastic in your bathroom. A lot of soap bars are just packaged in cardboard, leaving those single use plastic bottles behind. And there are bars of soap for everything – face, shaving, shampoo, conditioner. Sometimes, the easiest way to live more sustainably is to go back to what our grandparents did. Who knew?

Reducing your plastic waste doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming, it can be one fun step at a time. Tiny habits compound overtime and lead to big changes. Small actions can make a huge difference, so take that power and make small sustainable decisions that over time, will have a lasting impact. 

And thank you, Dove, for implementing systems that work toward a more sustainable future like the new Dove Body Wash Reusable Bottle & Concentrate Refills, plus increasing use of renewable energy in manufacturing to work toward your goal of becoming carbon positive by 2030.

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