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Gloria’s Story: Learning How to Love Your Body

Gloria’s Story: Learning How to Love Your Body

Gloria’s the mom of the group and she’s always there for her besties. But when it comes to being her own best friend, she could learn a thing or two. In our third episode of Girls Room, Gloria deals with low body self-esteem and learns how to love your body the way it is. 

Dove Gloria's Story

Gloria loves rocking her natural hair, but she feels pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards – they’re on our screens, in our magazines, a hot topic of girl’s room gossip – and they can leave you wondering how to feel good about your body, without changing it to fit in.

Through help from her friends, Gloria realises the importance of positive body image for girls after she notices the impact her low self-esteem, body image and beauty pressures have on her younger sister, Ruby. Their individuality is worth celebrating and they are both beautiful, just the way they are.

Episode three: Just enough

Dove Gloria's story
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