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Dove The Best Care

The best care

We work with Research and Development professionals and dermatologists to develop advanced technologies and ingredients for our signature Dove care. 

Unique milder cleansing technologies 

When you cleanse, of course you want to wash away dirt that can build up – but that shouldn't include your skin's natural moisture. Ordinary soap can leave skin feeling tight and dry, Dove Beauty Bar is different. Our Beauty Bars contain a unique cleansing system, which uses an advanced technology called DEFI – which we patented right back in the 1950s – made from coconut derivates and organic salt. As a gentle, paraben-free cleanser with a neutral pH, our Beauty Bar helps your skin retain its natural moisture rather than stripping it away — to take care of your skin like nothing else.

Advanced skin nourishment systems

We wanted to develop superior shower products to give you smooth, nourished skin – which is why Dove body washes contain an advanced nourishment system. The result is a blend of moisturizers and skin-natural nutrients including glycerine, stearic acid and soybean oil, which will leave skin nourished and help retain moisture. We promise it'll feel smoother and softer after just one shower.

Keratin Repair Actives 

No matter how hard we all try, hair can get damaged over time — and that’s where the Keratin Repair Actives comes in. Proteins are the natural building blocks of your hair’s structure, and our actives penetrate deeply inside the fibre, strengthening the proteins within the core of hair. It’s what makes our Dove hair care products so unique: they don’t just repair surface damage but also help prevent future damage. Your hair will feel smooth and beautiful, but it’ll be stronger, too.

Cell Moisturizers®

Dove has well and truly done its research to come up with the DermaSpa range of hand and body lotions and creams, using the best ingredients for skin. We’ve combined dermatological expertise with spa-like luxury to give you extra-special care for dry and sensitive skin. Every product in the collection features our Cell Moisturizers® technology: a blend of key moisturizing actives made from natural seed oils, like sea buckthorn oil. They work right at the heart of the skin cells, in the deepest surface layers of your skin (the stratum corneum), to help them stay full of moisture. 

Triple Moisturizing Technology 

Shaving our underarms is just a part of life for many of us, but regular hair removal can cause increased sensitivity. That’s why Dove Advanced Care antiperspirant stick formulations provide fantastic skin care, as well as 48-hour sweat protection. With Triple Moisturizing Technology inspired by luxury skincare, the Dove antiperspirant range combines up to three types of moisturization. Occlusive oils on the skin’s surface lock in moisture, helping to strengthen the skin. Moisturizers work like magnets within skin layers, attracting water and keeping the skin hydrated. Active moisturizers help to boost the skin’s natural moisture barrier and prevent dryness. It’s a pretty powerful combination and has been proven to reduce signs of irritation, leaving underarms feeling cared for.

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