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Meet Kylee

Meet Kylee

Dove launched Real Beauty Productions to put the power of storytelling into the hands of real women. Growing up in Utah, Kylee felt that traditional ideas of feminine beauty didn't reflect the woman she was meant to be. However, her relationship with beauty began to change when she cut her hair short for the first time. Released from standard notions of femininity, Kylee felt like she was finally being true to herself — and wanted to share that feeling with others.

That's why Kylee created Friar Tuck's, a barber shop where women can explore their own definitions of beauty in a welcoming environment. At Friar Tuck's, Kylee gives more than haircuts — she cuts through traditional beauty standards to reveal the #RealBeauty in herself and other women in her community.

Behind the Scenes

The 100% female crew at Dove Real Beauty Productions helped Kylee bring her story to screen.

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