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RBP Cast and Crew
RBP Cast and Crew

Our Crew

At Dove Real Beauty Productions, we believe that who tells a story has a powerful impact on the story being told. Meet the 100% female crew who are using their talent and creativity to tell stories that are making a difference in the lives of real women and girls.

Season 2


Emily Amos, 1st AC

Tracey Amptman, Production Supervisor

Jacquelyn Andrade, Production Assistant

Shannon Bowen, Producer

Rochelle Brown, 2nd AC

Martina Buckley, Production Designer

Janelle Carothers, Wardrobe Stylist

Diane Collins, Script Supervisor

Cris Fisher, Driver

Amber Fox, Gang Boss

Lina Gasperaviciute, Production Assistant

Lisa Gillespie, Sound Mixer

Kate Greenberg, 1st AD

Kelly Hallmark, Boom Operator

Melissa Holt, Camera Operator

Monique Impagliazzo, Production Assistant

Amanda Jensen, Asst. Production Supervisor

Andrea "Roo" Krout, Dolly Grip

Katrina Marcinowski, Still Photographer

Tara Martin, Office Production Assistant

Melissa Mendez, Best Boy Grip

Jessica Miller, Lead Person

Geneva Morgan, Hair & Makeup Artist

Masha Nova, Asst. Art Director

Alenka Pavlin, Sound Mixer

Andascha Pryor, Production Assistant

Andrea Sachs, Gaffer

Amy Snell, Key Grip

Amy Vincent, Director of Photography

Yvonne Wang, 2nd AD


Season 1


Lena Alkhatib, Script/Video and Sound

Verlyn Antoine, Hair & Makeup

Morgan Asdel, Production Assistant

Dana Asher Levine, Hair & Makeup

Kaity Barnes, Grip

Kelsea Bauman, Driver/Camera Production Assistant

Kathryn Begle, 2nd Assistant Camera

Mary Boregino, 1st Camera Assistant

Breanna Campbell, Hair & Makeup

Amia M. Coleman, Driver/Production Assistant

Morgan Cuffie, Hair & Makeup

Genevieve Evans, Key Grip

Catherine Goldschmidt, Director of Photography

Cathy Highland, Hair & Makeup

Kim Holmes, Sound

Adriana Ledesma, Production Assistant

Ellen Mahoney, Driver/Production Assistant

Lexis Milisic, Production Assistant

Jenni Morello, 2nd Camera

Caitlin Ochs, Photographer

Stephanie Ollerton, Gaffer

Angela Ortner, 1st Assistant Camera

Tami Reiker, Director of Photography

Sarina Roma, Producer

Tahlee Scarpitti, 2nd Camera

Grace Sin, Production Manager

Nicole Whitaker, Director of Photography




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