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Expert guide to dry skin – Dove

An expert guide to caring for sensitive and extremely dry skin conditions

Dealing with sensitive and extremely dry skin might be a rollercoaster – but the secret? Finding a skin care routine that works for you. We caught up with the team behind our products to help you build yours. 

The first step? Understanding what your skin needs. Sensitive and extremely dry skin needs essential nutrients to gently cleanse and replenish skin. To find out more we asked our in-house experts Vivek and Christy to tell us how the Dove DermaSeries range does just that. Here’s how you can build their knowledge into your skin care routine. 

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    Add mildness to every step of your routine.   

    Start with the basics: that’s key for a dry skin care routine. When we say your skin needs mild products, we really mean it – every single step should be as gentle as possible – especially cleansing. According to Christy, this is often one of the most overlooked steps. “Your cleanser choice can make a big difference… you could use a great lotion, but if you’re using a really harsh cleansing product, like soap, you’re doing a lot more damage to your skin”. So it's a good idea to start your skin care routine with a really mild, fragrance-free face wash

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     Hydration. Hydration. Hydration.

    “Choose products with hydrating ingredients like glycerin” says Vivek, “it’s one of the powerhouse ingredients in the industry that works with your skin.” Glycerine helps your skin hold onto moisture by attracting water from the air into its outer layer, while helping your skin feel soft too. This great multi-tasker can be found in products across the Dove DermaSeries dry skin relief range including Dove DermaSeries replenishing body lotion, our most powerful dry skin body lotion

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    Replenishment is key.

    Your skin has a barrier made up of proteins and lipids, which protects it and helps keep it hydrated. With dry skin, the barrier is weaker and it loses water faster than it can be replenished, which means that it can’t easily mend itself. That’s why, Vivek explains, “Dove DermaSeries products are designed to give instant and long lasting relief from dryness, itch and discomfort, “we’ve incorporated lipids into many of our DermaSeries products, as we believe they’re important in helping to maintain the barrier,” says Vivek. Dove DermaSeries replenishing face cream features stearic acid – a lipid found naturally in the skin – to help keep your skin’s barrier replenished 




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    Get to know what’s in your products. 

    Hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested – when it comes to choosing dry skin products there are some key things to look out for. Fragrance-free is an important one, because sometimes perfumes in toiletries can exacerbate your skin dryness. The Dove DermaSeries range is completely fragrance-free, so you can trust you’re giving your dry skin the care it needs

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    Make your routine as enjoyable as possible. 

    Dealing with a dry skin care routine day in day out can become tiring – dry skin body lotions often feel “sticky and heavy” explains Christy. “Those are the expectations, but we wanted to change that paradigm. We wanted our products to feel great.” And the products in our DermaSeries range do just that. With fast absorbing formulas, which feel rich and creamy on your skin, they help make your routine more enjoyable